People ask me sometimes what it is I design. I *can* design pretty much anything, but I prefer to design restaurants, hotels, retail spaces, furniture and products. Yes, I can, and have for many years done residential work. I’m good at it, and people like the results, but it’s not my preference.

Aside from designing things you can touch, feel, use and walk through, I do pretty much the same thing in Second Life as well. Design is design is design. Where you do it is irrelevant.

I also do art related projects as well, these days most notably, carving eggs (that’s carving actual eggs, not carving eggs from something else.) My degrees are in Interior Design, Restoration, and Music.

I am not, by any stretch of the imagination a web or graphic designer. You want one of those? Ask me, I’ll send you to one who’s qualified.

I can be found easily on twitter as @damnedgoodesign and in SL as Axi Kurmin. I don’t have a facebook account. Really. I mean it.

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  1. I love the blue and burgundy hat on Pooh. I also like the patterns on your blankets or throws. They appear almost like basketweave. Knitting must be a quiet diversion from your incredibly full and busy professional life.

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