Oh well that explains that.

due to a large volume of high-quality entries the jury has yet to make its final decision.
results are now expected to be announced between august 10 – 15, 2008″

I had been wondering what had happened to the Crystal Vision contest results.  I know they got over 4,000 entries (I think it was 4072) so realistically, odds are even longer than usual on winning, but I think I had a good idea going on, so we’ll see.

In the meantime there’s been a new contest announced in partnership with Altec Lansing that I’m considering.  I like the speakers part, not quite as keen on the way they’ve worded the headset part.  It sounds too much like “how do we market headsets to the SATC crowd” when really I want nothing to do with catering to them in the first place. I’ll get over it and bug some jewelry designers to see if they have anything inspiring to say.  But I like competitions like this. Keeps you thinking.

Still mosaicing the top of the cabinet btw. Needed to run down and get a couple colors I ran out of yesterday.  But I should be done with the top by the end of the week, in theory.

Furniture project part 6.3: Drawer front.

Drawer front is done, as is the front and rear of the case. Only thing left is the top.


I’ll dust the thing off after it’s dry.  🙂

This. (While I’m still off staining and mosaicing)

I’ve mentioned before how much I dislike the pretentious lexicon of the design/arch industry. I find it to be completely ridiculous, off-putting and elitist in the worst possible way. It’s a huge issue for me and I have gone toe to toe with more than one peer over it. I’m sure I will in the future, too. It’s one of the ways I think the industry needs to *SERIOUSLY* get over itself.

Apparently, I’m not the only one.

Oh yes. Yessssss……

Furniture project part 6.2: the second side of the case.

Long time, no progress. Unfortunately, some rather serious real-world things have kept me away from continuing on this project as fast as I’d like. However I just finished the second side of the case so I figured I’d post a photo.


You can check out either of the previous tutorials on how to accomplish this. I don’t need to rehash it a third time. I do have to blot off just a tiny bit more of the purple stain, though.

While this dries enough for me to set the case upright again so I can get to the top, front, and back, I am going to be working on the long drawer front. I got some new tile, also. $24 worth. Basically I ran out of the two pink colors there on the lower left about 3/4 of the way through that circle, so I needed to grab those. However I have realized that though I own a lot of tile (like, a lot.), it’s heavily tilted towards blues and greens. There’s a lot of under-representation of several other colors, and I wanted to be able to provide a balance on the piece. So I wound up getting six bags. The two pink colors you see there, so I could finish up that circle, a bright red, a sort of a black with white speckles, a metallic blue/copper swirl and a red-violet. I had meant to grab some orange as well, but unfortunately there were no small bags of orange tile to be found- it only was available in 1/2 lb. bags, and I really, REALLY don’t know why I’d need 1/2 lb. of orange tile. I may try to find some online, though.

Right now Im on track for finishing up this project by the end of the summer, since it’s going to need a lot of finishing to make it look nice and smooth.

Oh also, and this is totally unrelated? I want to thank Jennifer from Design Hole (which is a design blog everyone should be reading, because she’s very talented and updates way more often than I do.) , because she really made my day yesterday, even though she probably doesn’t know that.

Jennifer had written a post about (of all things) Motel 6, and their proposed new look. Knowing that I love, love, love hospitality design (really, it’s my second favorite design topic only because you know, there’s no food involved), she shot me an email specifically asking for my opinion on it. Which I thought was really very kind and flattering and made my day, honestly. So thanks, Jennifer. 🙂

furniture project part 6.1: The small doors.

I told you guys, this wasn’t a weekend project. After finishing the first side of the case, I turned my attention to the small doors, because the oil based stain takes forever to dry and I didn’t want to flip the case over while that side was still wet.

Basically it’s the same process- seal the carved areas, do the mosaic, and stain. One of the doors had another additional problem. The carved circles were too deep. This meant I had to fill them in a bit with some lightweight spackle and sand the result to it created a flat base to which I could apply the tile. I also used some stainable wood fill in order to fix some minor problems with the doors.

So let’s review (we’ll be doing this a lot- there’s another 4 sections to go…) how this goes:

Here’s one of the original doors, before I did anything to it.


I then put a thin coat of shellac on the MDF to stabilize it, and then began to add mosaic tile. This has to be done in stages or you keep pushing tiles around on the wet glue. It’s time consuming, and requires patience.




I did the same thing with the other door. This door however, has a layer of spackle on top of the MDF since the chiseled portion was too deep (this happened more and more as my chisels became more dull.)


I then taped off the mosaic work in preparation for grouting. I mixed all the grout colors by hand and applied them as described previously.




That being accomplished, I turned my attention to the stain. It required multiple coats for each color. This was taken after the purple stain had been completed. (It needed two coats.) Once dry, I put a thin coat of shellac on both the purple circles and the mosaic work in order to protect it from any black stain that might get on it accidentally.



I then sanded off all the extra stain that fell outside the perimeters of the circle, and taped off all the areas I’d worked with previously.


I then started working on the black stain, which took multiple coats, with a shellac resist coat between each one in order to layer the rag effect (If you don’t apply the resist coat, the stain will just dissolve when you add another coat- the pattern you’ve applied will disintegrate.)


So one coat, leads to two…


To three…


Then I did the touchups.


Next up is side two of the case.