Having re-disposed of the monster, exit our hero, stage left.

Wait. That’s not it. Crap.

I am a twitter early adopter. I’ve had my account significantly longer than the (vast, vast) majority of people I know.  For a long time I had one account, a personal account, and since the day it was created, it’s been locked.

Several years later I created another, public account. However the purpose of that account was to write haiku about my cats. No, really, I mean that.  Look up “cathaiku” on twitter. My favorite is the one about the potato.

Several months ago I added another public account, strictly for my DJ stuff, because it was cluttering up my personal account(I DJ- a lot.).

Several DAYS ago, I realized I needed to add a fourth account, also public, in order to interact with the design/architecture community, when they started finding ME and I had no idea what to do about that. So after flailing around for five or six minutes, I created damnedgoodesign (to put the extra D in puts me over the username limit.) as a solution and so far that seems to be working out well.

Okay, so why am I babbling about twitter here now? Because now, more people in the community are finding that account, and if the stormtroopers learn who the jawas sold the droids to that would lead them back…. home. (yes I know this is not an exact quote, it won’t work in this sentence, you geeks.)



Until now most of the people who regularly read this site are people who know me already in one capacity or another. But now there’s all these new people, who have not been subjected to not yet been introduced to me.  It occurs to me I should make (some sort of) introductory post here, despite the age of this blog, in order to facilitate that, since 140 characters can only tell you so much.  The problem is that like most people, I hate doing these kinds of posts because no matter how much you try to make them simply informative, they always sound kind of obnoxious.

As it says on the “who” tab (I think, I haven’t read the thing in I have no idea how long. It could say I’m an astronaut for all I know)…

My name is Avril Korman and I’m a designer. (no not a web designer, for goodness sake.) I can (and have) designed damned near everything.  My favorite things to design are restaurants, hotels, and furniture.  My least favorite things to design are office spaces.  Everything else falls somewhere in between.

I am *not* a decorator, nor am I an architect  (I was going to do that but currently can’t justify the expense and investement in an M*Arch when up to 40% of the profession is out of work. I’ll pass on having more debt, thanks). Just to make it clear, I’m not a writer either, nor do I play one on TV.

My degrees are in interior design,  restoration/historic preservation, and music.  I’ve been published for design(and art, actually) work several times.  This is a much bigger deal to other people than to me.

Before I was a designer I was a professional artist for nine years.  I still create art, because it still helps pay the bills, mostly in the form of carved eggs.  I also take a lot of photos and I’ve been fortunate enough to have other people like them enough to hang them in galleries in NYC, London and Sydney, and occasionally to pay for one or two. One of my photos was even in Architectural Record once, and that makes me giggle a whole lot since the photo isn’t even of architecture. Before anyone asks, I prefer Nikons to Canons and I use a PC and not a mac. (I actually own no apple products at all- my mp3 player is a creativelabs zen xtra I got in 2003. It works fine.)

I’m a born native of the City of New York. As far as I’m concerned that is the single luckiest thing that has ever happened to me, and NYC has always been my greatest passion. Why yes, I have lived elsewhere (many elsewheres, actually) and have no intention of ever doing it again.

I am deeply, deeply introverted, but not shy in the least.  There is a vast difference between these two concepts.

I also like chess and peas.  (but checkers is easier to play WITH peas.)

Anything else, I expect people will learn as time goes on.  So hello, new people.  Welcome to my wacky little corner of the web. Or something.

Oh. I also like Converse all-stars. A lot.

Finals week is exhausting, and I’m not even in school.

This week is finals week for design/architecture schools in NYC, apparently.

Yesterday, I was on the Pratt jury for their ID finals.
Tomorrow and Friday are FIT thesis projects. I’ve been asked to jury those too.
Monday is the CCNY 3rd year architecture finals. I’ve been asked to jury those, too.

Fortunately, I’d seen half the projects I helped critique yesterday at midterm.  I had not seen the other half, as at midterm, the critics were split into two groups, each seeing half the total projects.  But yesterday, though the plan was to split the critics/projects in half again, only 3 of the 6 jurors showed, forcing a double packed day.

I was very pleased to see significant improvement in the projects I’d seen at midterm. Ultimately, those were all very successful.  Unfortunately, it seemed the ones that my group hadn’t seen at midterm were the less successful of the two groups, though surely there were some winners in that group also.  There were, thankfully, no disasters0 all the projects ranged from decent, to outstanding.

The jurying process though is really exhausting. I’d had less than an hour’s sleep going into it, and the 14 hour day did not help.  Fortunately, I was able to stumble in, put all the electronics on their various chargers, and pass out.

Today I’m trying to do all the stuff I didn’t do yesterday.  Also, expect another egg post soon.

I don’t think I’m back yet, but..

Honestly, I don’t think I’m back yet.  Things remain in a state where I’m not feeling too good about posting much of anything anywhere, and I have no idea when things will begin to straighten out.

I am really only popping up to mention that I actually, miraculously, made the Designboom Crystal Vision contest deadline (which is tomorrow), by submitting my entry at some obscene hour of the morning this morning.  Apparently, they have over 4,000 entries at this time, so my chances of winning aren’t great- I am sure there’s lots of great designs and products out there.  Still, I’m glad to have made the deadline (I am now, rather with trepidation, reviewing the submission to check for typos. )

Project in Miami continues.  Clients still lovely.  Doing endless small revisions which matter in the long run, but are fussy and time consuming.  Looking forward to handing over all the plans/elevations/sections/details, and The Big Book to the clients for review.

I’ve seen some great stuff posted elsewhere recently (since clearly I have nothing good to say), but in particular, today, this showed up at Design Hole, and Dezeen has the goods on the new “fabric concept car” from BMW.

No, seriously guys- checkkit:

I’m going to go bury myself in AutoCAD again now- I just know I’m going to need to make shop drawings…

I am not dead. I am simply trying to prevent the cat from becoming dead.

It occurred to me a little while ago that there might be one or two people who have been wondering where I’ve fucked off to in the past few weeks. I admit, the first week I just needed a break from blogging every day. But since then I’ve been too busy dealing with a slightly larger and more immediate concern than whatever design thing I’m babbling about. One of my cats is gravely ill and needs surgery. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been feeding him 3-4 times a day with a turkey baster. He is exhausted, I am exhausted, and I am incredibly worried about the little guy. He has so far had xrays, blood work and a sonogram. We still are not sure what’s wrong with him. I am hoping it’s not a fatal design flaw.

Tomorrow, his surgeon will come here and take him away to Massachusetts so she can operate on him on Wednesday, assuming he hangs in there that long.

I am sure I will be back eventually, but for right now, my attention is really focused on the cat, with side notes including the Miami house (I FINALLY have an accurate EC plan) , and a couple of contest entries I have to finish. I never made it to ICFF- I couldn’t leave the cat alone for that long anyway.

For anyone who is interested in reading the whole House, feline version, I’m updating it as best I can over at MBUK.

I now return you to your radio silence.

The humiliation has begun.

EDIT: l’Etoile d’Argent (The Silver Star), also known as Argent, Pottamus, HouseWalrus, That Tubby Bitch, and Little Buddy died on the operating table.  He had just turned nine.  His veterinary surgeon, Amy, did everything possible to save him.  However, Argent had an extremely aggressive and malignant tumor in his stomach, that had spread to his colon and pancreas, and had burst his stomach lining.  I am assured, and his test results clearly show that **NO ONE** and **NOTHING** anyone could have done could have saved him.  By the time the tumor was small enough to be operable, no one would have ever known he was sick, and by the time I knew he was sick, it was already too late- I just didn’t know it.