Furniture project part 3.5: Still carving, still sucks.

I spent the weekend carving away at the circles I’d made last week and griping about the lack of appearance of my sharpening stones (which unfortunately may be in New Jersey, a problem that is big for all kinds of reasons.) But as of right now there’s only two sections left to carve out- the big drawer front on the bottom of the case, and the top. I’m looking well forward to being able to *not* be carving away at this anymore. The difference between doing this by hand and doing it with a power tool is really obvious when you work on the door fronts, since the recessed areas for their hardware were done with power tools.

So here’s photos of the past few days’ work. It should take another two days for me to finish this task (and I *REALLY* hope I can sharpen my chisels), and then, finally, I can move on to the next step, which is still boring prep work, but it won’t bust my knuckles and cause blisters, either.


This shows about how much material comes off the first pass of one of those small circles.


This is the left side of the unit. I put it on its side because it was a LOT easier to work with that way.


This is the same side, once it was completed.


The first door- note the small circle on the left. That’s for the hardware, and it was done with a power tool. One I wish I had. Really.


The first door, once completed.


Beginning work on the second door. You can see the circles have been cut out around their perimeters.


And finally, the second door is done. Look at that mountain of material in the background!

I’m really looking forward to getting on with the next step of this- it gets easier (if no less time consuming) from here.