2010 Egg #6: Kai’s Egg.

Normally I don’t put egg posts here. I’m making an exception for this one because I want it to have a potentially wider audience, and this blog is public.

My friend Val has done a hell of a lot of things for people over the years, for the low, low price of free. Things that by rights, she should have been paid to do. She has never asked for a thing in return. For those of you who don’t know Val, she was Ms. March in the Lime Project calendar, as well as the person who did all the layout/graphic design/dealing with printers/art direction stuff for it (again, for the low, low price of free.)

A couple of weeks ago, she lost her dog, Kai. Kai’s illness was sudden and horrible, and put Val in the awful position of deciding to have her put down. However as anyone with pets knows, sudden catastrophic vet bills are very difficult to deal with. To read about what happened with Kai(because goodness knows, Val wrote eloquently about it), you can read the whole story here. I suggest having tissues nearby.

I’ll wait.

I’m putting this egg up for auction. It comes with the stand (not this one, this is my work stand….) All proceeds(I will cover shipping) will go to help Val recoup the money from the vet bills. She does know I’m doing this. I asked her what colors to make the egg. She wanted it to be like Kai’s fur. To that end (though these pictures DO NOT do it justice- lighting this one was so hard) the colors in this egg are a desert tan, khaki and black. The holes are ringed in gold, and the sealant has a gold wash coat.

I will run this auction until Tuesday March 30, at midnight, EST. All you need to do is bid in the comments. I can keep track of the current high bid by editing this post. Paypal preferred, since you can send the money directly to Val. Long as she tells me she has it in hand, I will ship this thing anywhere it needs to go.

Oh. I suppose I should post the photos. Oops.

I love you Val, and I am so sorry about Kai.

Bidding opens at $50USD.

ETA: Bid is currnetly at $150USD.



  1. That Kai was such an amazing dog must make her passing even more difficult to bear. My condolences to Val, and hopes that she can find some comfort in happier memories.

    Beautiful egg, as usual, Avril. It’s reminiscent of a moonscape, which seems oddly appropriate. I’ll start the bidding at $75.

  2. I woke up to this. I am so touched, and so grateful. The egg is gorgeous. It looks like the sun glistening on Kai’s fur. It’s perfect.

  3. My heart goes out to you Val.

    My bid is $125

  4. Our mutual friend Sonja might or might not have mentioned that I’d like to help you/Val out, so if you just provide me with a paypal account I’ll take care of things.

  5. TSP- She did contact me last night- sorry, I was out during the day today. If you use the link to Val’s blog in my post, she has a link to her paypal in the sidebar. Thank you so very much for offering to help out. Val’s an awesome person and I really want to make help her.-AK

  6. bronxelf – Thanks for the heads up. Found and perused the “tip jar”-link. Good luck with the rest of the auction, anyway 😉

  7. I’m upping my bid to $150.

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