Back from Brooklyn.

Things I realized yesterday:

-Without the other supporting materials (.pdf book, in particular, the boards are mostly irrelevant) I should probably rework the .ppt of my thesis or write myself some damned notes.  Option 2 is more likely.

-Folks either get it or they don’t. (Which I knew before, actually.)

– I speak much less out loud on an average day than I thought.  By the time I got home last night, my voice was hoarse.

– Though public speaking doesn’t bother me mentally, it beats the hell out of my body.  All the tension is held there and not in my head. (not that I’m complaining) But by the time I got home I was in a lot of pain once the adrenaline died down.

– I will probably be asked to do this same presentation again at CUNY.

Anyway, yesterday went well.  The other project which was presented was excellent. I hadn’t seen it before, and was very impressed with the level of conceptual thinking that went into it.  I actually enjoyed it more the second time I saw it, because I  knew what was coming and was able to concentrate more on some of the deeper elements of what was going on.  Very innovative stuff, and the designer and I got along very well from the get-go.  Though our projects were on the opposite end of the spectrum from one another, our approaches and personalities are similar.   I might talk more about it when I get home today, as it really is worth a better explanation than that.
Poor Jack. He’s probably still recovering from having both of us around at lunch, talking about cyanide in apple seeds. 🙂

I have another busy day ahead, and really only barely have time to type this up quickly.  But I wanted to mention a concept that speaks to designing any kind of “community” gathering place-

If you don’t create a way for people outside the community to also come and learn things and feel welcome, then ultimately you have failed the community you were trying to reach in the first place.  I don’t mean in the sense of “trying to get other people to join”.  I mean in the sense of educating others and ultimately reducing the level of fear-based discrimination and anger in the world.  If all you’re doing is rigidly caring about those that are your primary users, you’re failing in your mission, because that lack will come back and bite you in the ass later.

It’s a sound concept. Keep it in mind.


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