I hate to say this, but..

I don’t often take an instant dislike to a restaurant interior. Usually if I don’t like it, is because I’m just not impressed. I think “meh.” and I move on. It’s rare that something makes me uncomfortable just looking at it, like a big old dose of “Do not want.” I always feel vaguely guilty, because from a photo I am not experiencing the space in 3 dimensions. Also the food and the service could be just great, despite an interior that is lacking. I am also far too aware that *someone* worked very hard on it, even if I don’t like it.

Every so often though I see something I just plain don’t like. Today is one of those days.

I am trying to catch up on a huge to-do list today, after losing a lot of time yesterday due to a lost but now found cell phone (I am very glad I don’t lose phones very often. This wasn’t fun at all.) and in my reading this morning, I saw this entry from Gothamist about a new bar/ restaurant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

And I got that “oh, dear.” feeling. Because I have no idea if it’s going to be a good bar, and serve good food, or have awesome service and even better music. I have no idea. What I *do* know is that from looking at these photos, I am really turned off by the design.


First of all, it looks like the set for Jolly Farm Revue. It’s not kitschy enough to be whimsical, and it’s not realistic looking enough to look sturdy. Somehow it just looks like you’re eating/drinking in a corral on a movie set. In Brooklyn? Really? Though I like the reclaimed pine/ concrete combo on the bar, there’s something about that green that seems off. Perhaps it’s the photo. It looks too blue. Too close to a teal rather than either a weathered green or a good strong green like you’d see on a farm.


The flooring choice concerns me. It’s a loud, reflective surface. I’d say it was easy to clean except that anyone with a tile floor can tell you grout gets really nasty after a while, particularly if it’s high contrast with the floor tile. And if they’re planning on music on that platform, that place is going to be so loud that your ears will bleed.

The food sounds fine, and I of course wish the owners success. But it’s rare that a decor choice will rub me the wrong way *quite* this much.

Someone will love it, I’m sure. I just know that someone isn’t me.


  1. huh, the wall color struck me as off, too, though I couldn’t have articulated why.

  2. i’m with you. UGLY.

    and i too noticed the wall color immediately, but also the art on it – it looks half-baked to me. i expect it’s the wall color that causes the art to look off. or, if it’s a ‘lumberyard’ theme, there needs to be more of it.

  3. The art seems off to me also.

  4. I think it’s because the art seems too small. Little clusters of tiny things, rather than say, two big, good pieces.

  5. Several years ago, we spent a long weekend on the Isle of Man. We got in on the ferry late, and it was off-season, so only a few places were available for dinner. The man who ran the B&B sent us off to a place called the Ranch – an American steakhouse. Well, for some value of American, I suppose. One of the strangest places I have ever eaten. Food not great, but the experience was priceless. (I learned what a “gammon” is.)

    The decor above is making me think of that place. Only, they were not in ANY WAY AT ALL high end. I wish I had taken pictures, as there really is no way to describe it. Western style, with all the booths/tables branded with a state name (although, apparently, Chicago and New Orleans are both states.” Little wild west desert dioramas, built around waterfalls, containing cowboys and fairies (no, the ethereal kind, not the gay cowboy kind). Really, truly, I look at these pictures, and that’s all I can think of.

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