A new way of looking at it.

I wish I knew how to credit these images  Stacy tells me they have come from Shanghai, China (see comments for the whole song and dance), but they came to me in an email forward that had been forwarded a zillion times already. Though they basically speak for themselves, the concept I want to get across by presenting them is that if you look at an object and find another way of using it, even if that’s just conceptually creative, it allows you to break free from the way you typically think about everyday objects.

It’s a nice way to free your thought process from the well-worn paths it tends to create for itself.

All of these articles of clothing are made from balloons. While they aren’t necessarily the most practical garments, the creativity here is wonderful.




So the thought of the day is to look at everyday objects and try to see them in a new light. 🙂 Go.