It’s not all fun and games.

Sobering news for a Saturday night (though it’s technically Sunday morning now)

I saw it first on Curbed, but Gothamist has much more detailed coverage. City officials are calling it one of the worst construction accidents in NYC history. A crane collapsed in midtown on the east side, completely taking out a townhouse and the bar (FuBar) below it. As of now, four people are confirmed dead, with at least two more in very critical condition.

This one is bad, folks. There’s speculation and ass covering going on faster than I can type on all sides. All I can say is I don’t have enough information to even begin to piece this one together yet and that can probably wait until they rescue everyone they can out of there anyway.

For the linkphobic, (though both links are worthwhile, particularly the excellent coverage on Gothamist as events unfolded) here’s two photos. This is what the crane looked like before the collapse (this isn’t photoshopped. This is just life in NYC.) I’d check it out full size. It’s pretty amazing.

crane, before

This was the scene on 51st Street this afternoon. Photo courtesy of mrgeneko:

crane, after.

There’s been such a high rise construction boom going on here in the past few years, it often feels like they’re handing out building permits for skyscrapers like party favors. Even if it was just a freak accident, the sheer number of buildings going up right now raises the odds for something like this pretty substantially. Though I am not in any way against building (most of) the new construction here (I have objections where it crosses over into historic preservation territory- I don’t have a restoration degree for nothing, you know.) even I am totally amazed at just *how many* towers are going up all over the city right now.

It occurs to me I know someone who isn’t too far from this. Shit.

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