They’re sadists. There. I said it.

Though I am sure I will have something more interesting to talk about tomorrow, since I have plans to take photos of a friend for the beginning stages of a furniture design project (and I’ll probably get some nice photos of Harlem too while I’m at it- I haven’t been taking enough photographs lately anyway), I do have something to say today.

The people at AutoDesk are sadists.  And not in a good, fun way, either.

Since the upgrade of my trusty computer Chuck to Chuck v3.0, I decided to bite the bullet and update AutoCAD too.  I knew going in that there was a good chance that I’d feel this way after I did so, and I am.

See, every year AutoDesk updates AutoCAD.  But I swear that these folks sit around cackling like madmen at their desks as they write in the changes.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate their hard work, but I swear that you spend six months learning where they moved everything, and then just when you finally get used to whatever version you just upgraded to, they release a new one, so you’re confused all over again.

So you decide, okay… I’m not going to update every year.  I’m just going to use the version I have and not make myself insane.

Yeah, that’s what I  did.  So now, the upgrade is *hyooooooge* and 3x as confusing and I want to put my head through the monitor.

Of course I’ll be fine in two weeks, once I learn how to switch all the menus back around to something that makes sense.  In the meantime, I’m glad I learned all those keyboard shortcuts.  Yeesh.

Damned sadists.


  1. I could be worse. You could be trying to switch to REVIT.

  2. IT could be worse. *grrr*

  3. Funny. I just installed Revit.

  4. Ugh. They broke a User Interface design rule, which is that you don’t change things. Or if you must, you don’t change them lightly. Thus you really want to get the UI right the first time.

    Even a rather non-ideal UI design will work and people will get used to it. And then have troubles if you try to improve it. Any change has to be a *HUGE* improvement to be seen as any improvement. And change for the sake of change? Incompetence, at best. Sadism, at worst.

    Real life example: I once dealt with a gadget where you could “drill down” in the menu… and the very last step wasn’t just down to next sub-menu, but ‘activate the last option’ and if that option was activated in most circumstance, it make a mess of things as it tried talking to another gadget that wasn’t there. The solution was swap menu items so a just drilling down wouldn’t trip that. Down and then over. It was a stupid thing that should have been caught right off and wasn’t. The rest of menu didn’t get changed, just that one part with the big payoff.

    User Interface design is not easy. At least good UI design isn’t. It’s disgustingly easy to mess it up. And then it’s a big temptation to “make it all right.. this time” when the best thing to do most of the time is to leave it alone, or only make very slight changes with the biggest payoffs.

  5. i thinking my time spent w/ autocad will soon be completely obsolete. i learned 2004. i’ve got 2006, but no reason to use it.

    busted my ass for that class, and i got nothing lasting, unless you count knowing that i can bust my ass if i really want to.

  6. Hence so many people still clinging to R14 keyboard commands…

  7. Well, that’s how they make people like us part with our money. And the reason they make so much money.:)

  8. ha! i guess i should do a little more research before linking blogs that i randomly (only god knows how) found somewhere.

  9. No worries. It happens a lot. 🙂

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