Geek chic?

Though design isn’t generally a handicraft project (really, it isn’t), sometimes, (SOMETIMES…) it is.

I had a major computer upgrade over the weekend (I’ll give it a 6 out of 10. There were/are some issues which still need resolving, but Chuck 3.0 is live, anyway.) and since one of the new pieces was a new case, I was left with some little metal pieces after the drives were put in (the little pop-out metal bits from the back of the computer.) I was going to toss them in the recyclables but I realized something after looking at them for a while.

You know? I could make a wall treatment out of this.



If you had a lot of these… like a lot. You could put them together in any random pattern you wanted. All you’d need is some adhesive or a shot with a soldering iron and a drill to put some holes in at suspension points. And then you have instant accent wall. I’d be willing to bet that places that build computers throw out ZILLIONS of these things that they’d be willing to part with for the low, low price of free. Best of all, you’re recycling by reuse, you can cover damaged walls, it’s easy to clean, and other than being a little handy, this isn’t that complicated.

Hm. I think this has merit….

P.S. My last entry seems to be having some sort of weird issues with comments. Jay(Maynard, not Reeder), I got your last comment and the dashboard shows it exists. I even replied to it- twice! But it’s not showing up. I have left word with the wordpress folks- we’ll see what happens. I have no idea why it’s not showing the comments. 

Never mind.  I figured it out.  I had changed my timestamp earlier this evening from GMT(the default) to EST (much as I love you guys in the UK, NYC time IS five hours behind you).  It looks like the new comments were placed based on the time change, so they wound up in the middle of the stack.

All sorted. Carry on.


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