Cool stuff.

Though there’s plenty of things I see in the design world every day that I don’t like, there’s also things I really *do* like. Dezeen serves up the goods today by bringing this, by Serie Architects.

Blue Frog, by Serie Architects

Whooboy, that’s nice.

More photos are available at Dezeen and the Serie site itself. Though I’d have chosen a horseshoe configuration rather than the more rectilinear one Serie chose for the table arrangement (Scratch that. I’ve now seen the plans. It’s a circle, not a rectangle. The angle of the photo I saw of the long view is too low to show it, so it looks like a rectangle. +10 points for the original plans. Carry on.) The results are drop dead gorgeous. So much good work is coming out of Asia and the Middle East right now. It’s very inspiring. I also remind myself that it’s somewhat easier to go nuts in a location with more space and fewer regulations (and *everywhere* has fewer regulations than NYC) . Still, restaurant design remains my favorite kind, and stuff like this is part of the reason why.

In other “cool things I found today” news, is the portfolio of Martin Žampach, a designer from the Czech Republic. There’s some wonderful stuff in there, and I’m happy to show him to people here(I don’t know this guy, btw. I just found him today whilst linkhopping.). Have a look. 🙂 It makes me wonder if I should put my portfolio in a format like that. Maybe, but the thought of that level of hassle is going to keep me from it for the moment. .pdf will have to suffice right now.

I got an idea for a group of furniture pieces today, which is good, since I’ve been entirely dead on the inspiration front since this time last week. It usually takes me at least several days to recover from a few really bad days, so I guess this is a good sign. I’m going to see if I can get a friend to help me with my idea, since it comes from a photographic angle, rather than from sketching. Also some ideas for the design solution to the Miami house are coming together. Unfortunately, I can’t commit them to CAD until midweek next week, when my much abused but beloved computer Chuck undergoes a major overhaul to become Chuck v.3.0. I’m trying to baby the system until then, lest it lock up and refuse to reboot (again.)

Still, even putting them in CAD next week puts me a week ahead of the game, timeline wise so that’s okay. Tiny steps. Tiny steps.


  1. Magnificent!

  2. Love your blog. But I’m not so sure about this restaurant. Why did the designer choose blue? A color consultant for European Paints once told me that blue restaurants always fail. Maybe it’s because there isn’t any blue food?

  3. Jennifer- If you look at the Serie site’s photos, you can see the blue changes color. It goes from blue white to red and back again.

    I’ve now tried about nine times to get the photos to display in this comment but they won’t- so here’s some links:



    The blue is just more striking given the name of the place is Blue Frog.

    The reason that blue restaurants often don’t do as well is they make the mistake (which seems to be avoided here very well) of lighting the *tables* with a blue light. Though that works okay in a bar, the problem when you do it in a restaurant is that it makes the food look totally unattractive and inedible, no matter how fabulous it might be in reality. You can test this yourself at home with a blue light bulb and a steak(meat has the best effect for this). Take a perfectly lovely steak, put it on a plate, shut out all the lights and put a blue light over it. You’ll see exactly what the problem is immediately.

    I like your blog also. I’ve found some really nice things on it, but I think my favorite so far was your discussion of the nightclub in Hawaii, since it shows how you approach a problem. 🙂

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